DI Dog Park Ribbon Cutting

Our Mission:
1. To raise funds and encourage volunteerism to help create, maintain and improve our wonderful, off-leash, waterfront dog parks.
2. To Enforce Park Etiquette: (See List Below)
3. To promote responsible pet ownership and environmental protection through education, community outreach, and special events.
4. To keep community boards up to date, informational, and clutter free; priority being to benefiting dog park initiatives, pet related non-profit organizations,and lost and found pets. NOTE: Please refer to Sponsor Page about get your business logo or name on boards. We have rebuilt the community boards so business and people can still put business cards and flyers relating to community events and lost pets, free of charge. These posting can be dropped off to Parks and Recreation employees at the Tennis Freedman Center, located at  59 Colunbia Dr. on Davis Islands)

* Clean-up after your dog, especially at dog beach. No excuses!
*Have an eye on your dog at all times.
*No food allowed in the park. May cause food aggression in dogs.
*Keep your dog on leash until inside gated areas.
*Have your dog under voice control, or on a leash.
*DO NOT bring aggressive dogs to the park. Be courteous to others and remove your dog from park if it is showing unfriendly behavior.
*Have your dogs up-to-date on vaccines
*Make sure your dog doesn’t have fleas before coming to the parks
*If your female dog is ”in heat”, please don’t bring to the park
*Watch unaltered males closely, as they can cause aggressive play and dominance aggression  when in groups of dogs.(We strongly suggest having your pets spayed or neutered)
*Children need to be supervised at all times.

CONTACT: email: info@friendsofdidogsparks.org